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Why Us


Why Us

Why choose MLM?
Because we have a proven 12 year track record, our commitment and passion to our clients is unmatched. 

What exactly do you do?
Anything in day-to-day life that you can’t get to. We can pick up your dry-cleaning, find a private guitar instructor for your kids and plan a romantic weekend away. 

What can Modern Life Management do for me?
We can assist you with your everyday tasks and errands. We are here to help with both small and large tasks. Call us to help organize, balance and better your life.

How much time in advance should I book?
The more time we have to prepare and research, the better, but we strive to be the best in personal service and specialize in last minute needs. 

What do your fee's include?
Our hourly rate and monthly packages all include time and mileage unless otherwise stated. The price of products and services are extra (ex. Groceries).

How do you handle collecting funds for purchases?
There are several different methods for collecting funds for purchases. Clients who become monthly members have payment methods pre-arranged. One-time services are expected to pay on delivery of the service or product.